Tax loss harvesting with Jason Kohut, what you need to know

Watch Signet Advisor, Jason Kohut, explain how he helps clients boost after tax returns through tax loss harvesting. See how this strategy can help you become a better with your capital gains taxes and a more informed investor.

What is tax loss harvesting?

As Jason Kohut explains, it is a strategy in which certain certain investment assets are sold at a loss in order to reduce your overall tax liability at the end of each year. You can use this method to offset capital gains that resulted from selling securities at a profit. You can also use this to offset up to $3000 in noninvestment income.

Furthermore, this strategy helps investors minimize any taxes they may owe on capital gains or regular income. Sometimes investments that have lost value can still help your portfolio. If the investment drops, you can deduct that loss which in turn boosts your capital gains.

Overall, this strategy helps the investor to realize significant tax savings at the end of each year. Whenever we consider this method, we are considering the after tax results of your portfolio. For more information about taxes and the many strategies that follow them, consider striking a conversation with your financial advisor.

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