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5 lessons for charitable giving in 2023

Published by <p>In 2022 philanthropy became a sustaining force for nonprofits despite economic pressures. Here are five lessons from last year that can shape individual giving in 2023.</p>
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Avoid an audit by knowing these 6 red flags

Published by <p>Many audits are triggered by actions taxpayers themselves have taken. Here's a list of red flags that can cause your tax return to be targeted by the IRS for review.</p>
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Top 10 costly mistakes in estate planning

Published by <p>During the estate administration process, it is easy to see where the decedent veered off course. Often the fix was inexpensive and could have saved their heirs in legal fees.</p>
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What to make of the bank crisis?

Published by <p>The collapse of three US regional banks and the Credit Suisse selloff are drawing comparisons to the great financial crisis of 2008. We believe 2023 is different. Here's why.</p>