Investing after the US election – Signet’s market commentary

Learn what the US election results mean to your financial lives. With this new given environment, investing after the US election means differences in market implications from previous years. Watch Steve Tuttle & Shawn Hirsch discuss these crucial questions on the economy, markets, and key financial planning issues.

It is important to note that the post-election environment places specific implications on the market going forward. The first of which is that there is a greater chance for reduced dramatic policy changes. Furthermore, this type of environment can see smaller fiscal support, lower tax increases, and hope for a bi-partisanship with a prospective infrastructure bill looming over the horizon. This and more in our latest market commentary from Signet Financial Management.

The markets are responding well, we have seen time and time again that elections do not matter that much for markets. There should be an expected level of concern, however less concern about specific election results. It is also rewarding to stay invested through the elections as they happen.

In and around the time of uncertainty before the rollout of vaccines was made possible, there was a period of consolidation. After this we saw the pre-election rotation, vaccine rotation, and post-election rotations. Bigger picture, we were able to observe these whip saws and knee jerk reactions but continued to stay invested as the climate became more temperate.

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