Investment management
We construct and manage an investment strategy that best suits your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Our approach is based on data and facts, not opinions and speculation.
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Signet tailors portfolios to your unique needs
We design investment strategies for individual investors, 401(k), 403(b) and SEP plans, IRAs, endowments and foundations, advisors, and family offices.

Wealth accumulation

Income generation

Capital preservation

Tax efficiency

Stress-free investing
Emotions and investing can be a losing combination. We act as a steadying hand and help you maintain perspective. We seek to avoid behavioral finance biases in decision-making and rely on evidence to make informed choices.
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Our approach to investment management
Guided by the following principles, we ensure your portfolio is integrated with your overall financial plan, is diversified, tax-efficient, and can deliver the highest probability of investment success at a low cost.

Our investment


Disciplined investment


Strict risk


In-house expertise
and tools

We work with you to design an investment strategy that is fully integrated with all aspects of your financial life. We use evidence, data and logic to make sound investment decisions. We believe that a disciplined, analytical process, grounded in academic theory and fundamental research drives success in the long-term. We take a quantitative, multi-factor approach to building portfolios.

We structure your portfolio based on years of market research and a deep understanding of the dimensions of risk that reward investors over the long term. We don’t participate in guesswork, predictions or market timing.

Signet brings a sophisticated, institutional framework to investing for you. We may adjust asset class exposure to avoid undue risk and attempt to take advantage of attractive areas of the markets. We offer a comprehensive risk assessment to help you identify, understand, and quantify sources of risk. We ensure that the assumption of risk is intentional and consistent with your investment objectives.

We believe you should only accept as much risk as necessary to achieve your financial goals. Signet performs a comprehensive risk assessment to identify, understand, and quantify risk sources. This helps us eliminate undue risk and attain superior risk-adjusted returns.

Unlike many firms, Signet relies on in-house research and proprietary portfolio analysis. Our investment committee consists of highly experienced experts including CFAs®, CFPs®, MBAs, and MS in Econometrics and Computer Science. That is why we rarely engage outside experts and as a result, manage your money at a lower overall cost to you.

Portfolio solutions
We construct portfolios for any market environment while helping you meet your financial goals. We build stock portfolios to seek capital appreciation for investors who have a long-time frame. We manage bond portfolios to help manage risk and generate income. Our most broadly diversified portfolios may include U.S. and foreign stocks, bonds, options, and alternative investments.


Fixed income



Asset allocations