Insurance solutions
You have spent a lifetime building your wealth and don’t want a sudden loss of a paycheck or tragic event to deplete your savings. With hundreds of insurance coverage options available, choosing the right plan to safeguard your life and assets becomes a time-consuming burden. Signet provides impartial guidance on insurance carriers and policies to protect your well-being and bring you greater peace of mind.
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Why insurance planning is important
As a cornerstone of your financial plan, the right insurance policy covers the risks that you cannot afford to bear yourself and helps you achieve your long-term goals without emptying your emergency fund.

Reduce or eliminate the risk
of loss to life and property

Protect your income
and financial assets

Self-provide to ease the load
for your caregivers

Provide for your family
after you are gone

We tailor coverage to match your goals
As a fiduciary, we always put your interests first, which means our guidance is carrier-agnostic. As your trusted financial advisor, we have an insight into your overall wealth picture and can select a cost-effective mix of insurance options that align seamlessly with your wealth management strategy and your vision of financial wellness.
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How Signet can help
We go beyond putting appropriate safeguards around your income and assets. Signet financial advisors offer qualified guidance on risk management and insurance planning in all areas you might need and integrate optimal coverage options into your comprehensive wealth plan. Acting in your best interest, we also seek opportunities to obtain a lower rate and better benefits, as well as structure your assets in the most tax-favored manner.

Health insurance

Life insurance

Property and casualty

Annuity guidance

Disability insurance

Long-term care

Liability insurance

Social security/
Medicare analysis

Forensic review of your existing policy
Insurance policies are not a set-and-forget-it type of investment. Over time, insurance companies have become more creative and innovative to offer a better product to clients. Over the last 30-40 years, interest rates have significantly dropped making previous illustrations from years ago possibly inaccurate.

We review your current in-force policy and compare it to the insurance solutions available in the market today. Looking for the most favorable combination of policy, company rating, and premium cost, we select the best coverage to fit your needs and save you a great sum of money.
How Signet insurance solutions specialists work
We integrate insurance into your broader wealth management plan and ensure your coverage aligns with your goals protecting what matters to you today and beyond.

Assess your goals
and needs

We review your current insurance and see how it aligns with your overall financial plan to identify potential coverage gaps and expense optimization opportunities.


Select insurance carriers and evaluate offerings

We perform an in-depth analysis of policy options from nationwide carriers to select a provider that offers high-quality coverage that meets your needs and fits your financial plan.


Minimize your tax liability

We always seek opportunities to mitigate tax burden for you and your beneficiaries, that is why we implement tax-advantaged strategies when setting up life insurance and annuities.


Keep your coverage
up to date

On a regular basis, we go over your financial situation and check your wealth objectives to review your insurance policies if needed and ensure that your assets are properly protected.