Retirement plan services for businesses
As an employer, you understand the significance of offering a robust retirement plan to attract and retain top talent. Our tailored 401(k) solutions are designed to address the evolving needs of both your business and your employees, to help ensure a secure financial future for all.
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Our approach to 401(k) plans
Our expertise lies in helping you structure an appealing match program that aligns with your business objectives while encouraging employees to contribute effectively towards their retirement goals.

Personalized retirement

Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals takes a personalized approach to create retirement strategies that reflect your employees’ current financial situation and aspirations. We believe in crafting 401(k) plans that evolve with their needs over time.

Professional investment management

Our seasoned investment professionals carefully curate a range of investment choices for your 401(k). We ensure a diverse portfolio that balances risk and potential returns.

Education and 

We empower you and your employees with knowledge through educational resources and workshops. Our goal is to ensure you all understand the intricacies of your 401(k) plan, enabling you to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Elevate your employee retirement benefits with a tailored 401(k) plan
At Signet, we recognize that offering a comprehensive and empowering 401(k) plan is a strategic investment in your employees’ future. Let us work together to create a retirement strategy that aligns with your business goals while fostering financial security for your valued employees.
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Why 401(k) planning matters and how Signet can help
By partnering with Signet Financial Management you’re taking a proactive step towards a financially stable future of your employees. We will help you establish well-structured 401(k) plans designed to help weather economic storms and provide peace of mind to your employees.

Optimize employee


Mitigate the cash-out


Tailor plans for diverse


Maximize annual

According to Charles Schwab’s report, 38% of workers seek advice on retirement timing, 40% want assistance with 401(k) investment decisions, and 36% want to create a retirement income stream*. Our specialized workshops and expert guidance ensure that your employees are empowered to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of their 401(k) plans.

* Source:, “Schwab Study: Workers Continue to Prioritize 401(K) Saving Amid Anxiety About Inflation and Market Volatility”, 08/02/2023.

Employee retention is intertwined with their retirement readiness. Unfortunately, too many employees cash out their 401(k)s when changing jobs*, often due to a lack of guidance. At Signet, we believe in equipping your employees with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions during job transitions. Our just-in-time financial education and exit meetings can greatly reduce the cash-out trend, preserving retirement security.

* Source:, “Too Many Employees Cash Out Their 401(k)s When Leaving a Job” by John G. Lynch, Yanwen Wang, and Muxin Zhai, 03/07/2023.

Every employee’s financial journey is unique. Whether they seek a traditional 401(k) plan with pre-tax contributions or a Roth 401(k) option for tax-free withdrawals, we offer the flexibility to cater to diverse preferences. Our investment options include a range of vehicles such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to help ensure a balanced approach to retirement savings.

Understanding the annual contribution limits is essential. 
The Secure 2.0 Act allows employees to allocate up to $2,500 annually for emergency expenditures without depleting their retirement funds. Our team can guide your employees on utilizing this provision wisely, enabling them to safeguard their retirement assets while addressing immediate financial needs.

* Source:, “SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022: Overview, Rules, Limits”, 04/23/2023.

Our 401(k) service offerings
As your trusted partner, our goal is to streamline the process and minimize administrative burdens for your business. Our 401(k) services are designed to empower your employees with the tools and guidance required to navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

401(k) plan design
and implementation

Our advisors work closely with you to design and implement a customized 401(k) plan that aligns with your company’s goals and the needs of your employees. We handle all aspects, from plan structure to regulatory compliance.


Employee education workshops

A well-informed team is crucial for the success of any 401(k) plan. We conduct engaging workshops to educate your employees about the importance of retirement planning, investment strategies, and maximizing their 401(k) contributions.


Investment advisory

Our seasoned advisors provide tailored investment recommendations based on your employees’ risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial objectives. We continuously monitor and adjust their portfolios to ensure it remains aligned with their goals.


Fiduciary guidance
and compliance

We provide comprehensive consulting to ensure that your plan remains compliant with ERISA and other pertinent requirements. We help you meet fiduciary responsibilities and stay up-to-date with changing regulations.