Planning after divorce: 3 important considerations for the future

Not many things have the potential to disrupt your life as much as divorce. Proper planning and advice can help. Watch Greg Bradshaw, Managing Director, Wealth Management, discuss 3 critical areas to consider to help navigate divorce. Divorce is a life changing event. Dealing with and planning after divorce is about making smart choices with a clear mind.

Here are 3 important areas that can help the process.

1. Preparation – Know the details of all assets, liabilities, expenses, etc… Proper preparation will save time, effort, and frustration.

2. Build a team – Have a financial advisor, a legal team, and a team to provide emotional support. There will be a need for a good team to assist with the process.

3. Titling of assets – The division of assets among divorcing couples depends on the classification of the property.

Divorce can have a significant impact on one’s finances as well as that of the family’s. When the topic of planning after divorce comes up with you or someone close to you, it can be a challenging and difficult time but please know that Signet Financial can help you. Becoming better educated and speaking with a qualified advisor is critical to helping navigate such a difficult process.

Signet Financial Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and serves as a fiduciary. Signet advisors will help you with:

  • Financial planning
  • Investment strategies
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning

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