End of life planning to ease and protect your loved ones

Watch Stephanie Carreras, Managing Director Wealth Management, explain what you need to know to make things easier on your loved ones when you pass. Some end of life planning can help your heirs calmly complete your wishes and ease the burden.

Thinking about your eventual passing is not pleasant, but you can make things easier on yourself, and your loved ones, if you prepare. End of life planning is important as it lets others know what you want to happen after you’re gone, what you own, and how to handle a variety of other challenging situations.

Preparing your loved ones for your passing is not easy, but with the proper support, we can establish secure grounding for your heirs and provide the right assistance as needed. While every situation is different, these areas are important to consider:

  • Family values – Explain what your financial assets mean to you and why it is important to have a succession plan.
  • Education – Discuss the importance of investing, how to invest, and the importance of setting financial goals.
  • Advice – Introduce them to a trusted advisor and/or financial planner.

If this sounds daunting, don’t worry too much. There is always help available. Having a trustworthy advisor can help guide you through the process and facilitate healthy conversations with your heirs. We want to remain mindful of both you and your heirs wishes to ensure that you are protected against negative uncertainty and are respected when you pass. This process is instrumental to eliminating the burden of stress when you heirs require a safe environment to grieve after you are gone.

Signet Financial is here to help.  If you have any ideas or questions on this topic, please speak with your financial advisor.

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