Wealth Management.

Signet Financial Management offers a range of financial planning services to help you identify tailored strategies that can help you to accomplish your most important financial goals.

This broad goals-based investing strategy goes beyond simply selecting stocks, bonds or other investments, and begins with prioritizing your financial goals, and in creating a step by step plan to achieve them. Signet serves as your quarterback in creating a personal financial plan—and in selecting the right team players to achieve your financial goals, whether they include retirement planning, estate planning, and/or tax planning.

Financial Planning

So much of the focus today is on daily, monthly or even yearly market results, which are merely inconsequential moments in time. Much more important are your own ambitions for financial independence and the security that brings. That’s why we focus our time and attention on gaining a deep understanding of your personal needs and aspirations.

Retirement Planning

Achieving your retirement goals takes disciplined saving, spending, and investing. Our team of experts work with you to stay on track to live the retirement you want:

  • Develop a clear picture of your current financial situation.
  • Help you decide when to retire.
  • Show the income your nest egg could provide compared to your needs and goals.
  • Implement strategies designed to generate income, manage risk, and protect against inflation.
  • Continuously monitor your plan, adjusting as markets and your circumstances change.

Estate Planning

With ever-changing tax laws, healthcare overhaul and other dynamic issues at play, it is increasingly vital to consult experts in each of these areas to ensure your wealth is properly shielded from unnecessary tax burdens.

Estate planning includes but is not limited to:

  • The establishment and updating of wills and trusts
  • Health, life, liability and business insurance
  • Long-term health care
  • Beneficiary designations and powers of appointment
  • Philanthropy and gifting

As fee-based fiduciaries, we work with you to identify your risks and needs in order to try to align you with just the right professionals. We will also work with your existing team of CPAs, attorneys and others as needed to prioritize your comfort and financial well-being.

Tax Planning

We believe we can add real value for you by managing the potential drag, or reduction of return, caused by taxes. We engage you in discussions about providing a more complete plan and how your taxable assets may benefit form a tax-managed approach.

Some key considerations include:

  • The importance of knowing your tax cost basis prior to making any sells in your account.
  • How to allocate assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts for increased tax efficiency
  • The opportunity cost of executing certain tax strategies and plans.
  • The likelihood that you may be in a lower or higher tax bracket later in life.
  • The possibility of tax basis step-up if an equity is never sold.

We consider these and many more potential tax-related matters before making any changes to your portfolio. In fact, we evaluate each and every position in your portfolio prior to making any decisions on sells or purchases, in seeking to ensure that you are not hit with a tax bill that you don't expect at the end of the year.

Insurance Planning

We work with risk management specialists to assess your personal and business risk, and then develop wealth and income protection strategies to prepare for the unexpected, including:

  • Loss of income due to an extended illness or accident resulting in a long-term disability.
  • Loss of a breadwinner to premature death.
  • Catastrophic losses from property damage or medical costs.
  • Exposure of assets to liability claims.

At Signet we will take you through a forensic review of your insurance policies to assess your insurance needs from a coverage and cost perspective.

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