Signet Gives Thanks to Third Option Foundation

Third Option Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps and honors those who serve in the CIA’s Special Operations community and their loved ones. Signet Financial Management has donated to Third Option Foundation in commemoration and support of its programs to heal the wounded, help the families of those we have lost, and support those who are still serving.

Third Option Foundation provides assistance to the families of the Special Operations community who are in need of physical and/or emotional support dealing with an injured or fallen officer. These programs offer help to all age groups and include academic support for college, as well as home and shelter maintenance and assistance.

Signet Financial Management is happy to be contributing to an organization that seeks to build stronger families during tough times and assist those who serve behind the scenes.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the Third Option Foundation website here:

Third Option Foundation

Visit to read more about our previous donations to various organizations!


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