Stand Alone Solutions

Our Top-Down Investment Approach combines Value/Growth, Large/Small market capitalization and Sector analysis with Bottom-Up Stock Selection, and includes fundamental, technical, behavioral and pattern recognition elements. Large/Small and Value/Growth allocations are derived through statistical analysis designed to assess and follow ongoing cyclical evolution of currently prevailing investment preferences. This analysis is overlaid by the fundamental evaluation of macro- and micro-economic backdrops that may affect further evolution of market preferences and influenced by our Performance Benchmark. This complex approach aims to identify market opportunities to exploit and dangers to avoid.

Strategic All Equity Portfolio

A model portfolio consisting of 30-36 stocks reflecting our top-down and bottom-up philosophy. The Target Portfolio could have a substantial sector bias in comparison with our benchmark indexes (S&P 500 and Russell 2000), and is aligned with major themes in the market. Besides quantitative inputs we also employ an active qualitative oversight of all the stocks in the portfolio. We offer our clients the option to have their portfolios managed to replicate the Target Portfolio.

Strategic Dividend Equity Portfolio

Strategic Dividend Equity is a proprietary strategy based on the Signet Analytical System. The model portfolio is composed predominantly of value stocks with high yields. However, with emphasis on trying to preserve the value of the assets in the portfolio, we diversify them by size and style. The portfolio has a tilt to Large and Medium Size Value companies. This seeks to capture higher yields that Value companies may pay. At the same time we expect to have much less price volatility due to the predominance of Medium to Large Size companies. In order to provide our investors with diversification, we include all major economic sectors in our High Yield portfolios. The Industrial, Telecom, Utilities and Financial Sectors have been historically the highest dividend paying. However, there are companies in Growth Sectors like IT, Healthcare and Consumer Discretionary which we believe provide excellent growth prospects and pay healthy dividends.

Enhanced Sector Rotation Portfolio

This strategy offers a global ETFs based allocation for investors who are seeking growth of principal over time and who can accept stock market volatility. We rank 3,600 Sector and Industry based ETFs by aggregating the fundamental and technical data of their individual companies and compose a portfolio with the strongest Industry ETFs in the strongest Sectors. The fundamentals and relative strength of ETFs take precedence over the approximate composition of S&P500. In other words, we would chose a more fundamentally stronger ETF which will make the portfolio look less like S&P 500 rather than picking a weaker ETF which would help the portfolio to look more like S&P 500. We proactively pursue opportunities and tactically rebalance once a month seeking to maintain a consistent risk-adjusted portfolio.