Investment Management

Investment management is referred to as money management, portfolio management or private banking – covers the professional management of different securities and assets, such as bonds, shares, real estate and other securities. Proper investment management aims to meet particular investment goals for the benefit of the investors. These investors may be individual investors – referred to as private investors – who have built investment contracts with fund managers, or institutional investors who may be pension fund corporations, governments, educational establishments or insurance companies. Investment management services provide asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments and plan implementation.

Investment Philosophy

Signet combines "top down" strategy allocation and "bottom-up" investment selection with a proprietary, systematic approach to portfolio construction and robust ongoing investment monitoring and evaluation. We employ a flexible approach and strive to meet the multiple needs of our clients. The goal of our portfolios is to achieve a highest level of return with least possible amount of risk.


process Temperament, investment experience, income requirements, tax ramifications, and an investor's time horizon play an integral role in the composition of each individual portfolio. Domestic and International Equities and Fixed Income as well as investments such as Preferred Stocks and Real Estate Investment Trusts are used to create growth and income to maximize risk adjusted returns. In addition to working with our clients’ preferences and around existing positions, clients also have the ability to place limitations on which securities may be purchased for their accounts.


We monitor our portfolios on a daily basis, and we rebalance our portfolios quarterly in order to maintain the posture of the selected assets classes and or positions in order to achieve the long-term results with minimal tracking error. As Fiduciaries we also try to be cost effective and tax efficient.